XLRstats version 3

League Edition


XLRstats v3 - the League Edition is here! We've got a public beta package for you to testdrive.

Besides using it, there is also room for participation. As developers we need your input and we'll also need your help creating game config files, smart combinations of expertise for our personal achievement pages and such.

This version comes with an administration dashboard, making it easy for you to maintain one or more servers. A set of default options can be overridden per server so you can tweak each server to it's specific need.

Large communities or hosting companies also have the ability to group servers (per game or client) and assign admins to those groups.

But set aside all these technicalities and enjoy the smart analysis of your stats, compare yourself to the players that you fight against and see how much chance you make on your next encounter. Find out who's your worst enemy, your skill booster and who you can push over to gain skill... enjoy XLRstats v3!

  • Homepage

    Clean homepage with server info and available top players in different leagues.

  • League with awards

    One of the leagues with the awards for the players in that league. More leagues means more players that can compete for an award and move up the ladder.


  • Playerbase divided into several skill based leagues like 'Expert League', 'Premier League', 'Major League', 'Boot Camp' etc.
  • Additional leagues like 'Newby League', 'Veterans League', 'Regulars League', 'Admins League' etc.
  • Extensive Playerstats Page with several new Tabs
  • Personal Achievements Tab with pins, ribbons and medals
  • Opponents Tab with win probability, skill gain and much more analytics.
  • Compare yourself to your opponents
  • Register, Identify and view your own B3 information and Penalties

Core Specs

  • Built on the CakePHP framework
  • Fully Themable
  • Plugin ready