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League Logic

League functionality is a new concept within XLRstats that enhances competition for larger communities. It motivates players with lower skillratings to become more concerned with the stats and the XLRstats webfront. This broader concern will benefit the community/clan providing XLRstats.

We all know the skill based list as seen on the frontpage of XLRstats v2. Top players appear on top and clicking through a pagination set makes players further down the list available/visible.

The new League Logic divides the skill bandwidth into compartments, the Leagues. The different Leagues are shown as blocks on the front page and each League can be viewed as a list separately. This way you can be of lesser skill, yet you can compete for first place in that particular League. If you improve, you will promote to a higher League and continue to compete for a higher goal. This approach is less frustrating for players that will never reach the higher skilled regions of the global stats list.

The default skill based League setup looks like this:

League Name Min. Min. Skill Max. Skill
Boot Camp 0 1100
Major League 1100 1250
Premier League 1250 1400
Expert League 1400

Besides the Leagues (that are based on skill) we also provide Leaderboards. Basically these leaderboards are collections of players sharing similar variables like the number of connections (low: newbies, high: veterans) or the B3 user level (regulars, admins, a.s.f.).

Lets take the “Newby Leaderboard” for players that have played less than 25 times, or have less than 500 kills. Normally v2. would filter these players from the list all together. However, this enables new players to compete, yet the steepness parameter that applies to these new players would not clutter the main Leagues.

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