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New in version 3

Plugin features

The XLRstats plugin for B3 is the statistics engine that collects all the data and handles all calculations in real time. Since version 2 a number of improvements/changes are implemented. Here are the most important/visual changes.

1. Everybody competes by default

All players compete. Also the guests (minlevel: 0).

2. Provisional Ranking

When a new player connects he is given the default 1000 skillpoints. The first 50 confrontations (kills/deaths) will be used to reach the kick-off skill (using a high ELO K-Factor). The opponents of the player in provisional state will not have their skill adjusted when having a confrontation with such a new player.

More on Provisional Ranking

3. Auto correction (deflation) of skill

* auto correct skill regularly to maintain a healthy rating pool.

Every new player brings new skill points to the skill pool. Those points are distributed among players whenever they win or lose an individual confrontation.

Extra points are added to the rating pool by the system's kill_bonuses, assist_bonuses, weapon_modifiers (>1), action_bonuses and such.

Points are removed from the rating pool on suicides, teamkills and weapon_modifiers (<1). Also points of inactive players are no longer distributed, so in fact these points are unavailable to active players, simply because they will not be able to meet in a confrontation.

The bonuses make sure the pool doesn't dry out (deflation). But if too many points are added to the pool there is too much increase pushing up the average skill to an unreachable level (inflation).

Auto correction takes care of the unbalanced inflation of skill on systems with large bonuses (ie. objective based servers). It recalculates the whole rating pool and corrects it downward. This results in controlled deflation of pools with high inflation ambition. Players that have been inactive for a longer period of time are not considered in this calculation. Auto correction/deflation results in skill loss for players that are inactive. With this method the bonuses also work as activity bonuses (Game activity versus protecting one's rating).

Expected advantages of auto deflation in combination with the bonuses:

  • Easier comparison of players skill across different servers
  • Encourages objective play on objective based servers
  • Discourages players to sit on a high rating → encourages players to connect

More on ELO inflation and deflation

4. Automatically cleaning up the playerbase

Auto purging players after 365 days of inactivity. Players and their associated data will be removed from the database to keep the pool tidy. (default off)

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