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Participation and Provisional Ranking

When does a player participate in Xlrstats depends on the settings the admin has chosen for his server(s). Yet, the default settings have the following result:

For version 3 of the plugin (B3 v1.10+)

By default every connecting player participates (minlevel: 0). When this is the case we use the first 50 confrontations (wins and losses, kills and deaths) of a player to determine its provisional ranking. During that period the opponents skill will not be altered. In other words, if you just joined the stats, and you haven't had 50 confrontations with other players yet, your in the provisional ranking phase and your components won´t win or lose any skill points.

Killed a player, but your skill didn't change? Then your opponent is still in its provisional ranking phase!

For version 1, 2 of the plugin (pre B3 v1.10)

By default a player has to be registered (by typing !register in chat) and all kills and deaths have immediate consequences for the skill.


Ratio is the number of kills divided by the number of deaths. So if you kill 10 players, and get shot 10 times, your ratio is 1. Hence, a ratio higher than 1 is a good thing (more kills than deaths), and a ratio between 0 and 1 indicates that you need some practice (more deaths than kills).


Skill is a complicated thing. In XLRstats it indicates your actual level of how good you are. Our basic skillcalculation formula is taken from the scientific method used in more online competitions like chess and online tacticall games (ELO). Because this game is not exactly chess we had to modify it so it works for our game. We've added penalties and weaponmodifiers so there is a way to include them in the calculation. We also added a team-work factor in the calculation to award teamplay. Your skill increases when you kill, it decreases when you die. Keep the next things in mind when playing for skill:

Extra skillpoints are received when:

  • you kill a player with a better skill than yourself
  • you kill with a difficult weapon like a pistol, rifle or by bashing an opponent
  • you make an assist (damage a player before another kills him)
  • you complete an action (like capture a flag, defuse a bomb etc.)
  • Extra skillpoints are deducted (you receive a skillpenalty) when:
  • you kill a teammate
  • you fall from a roof
  • you damage a teammate that falls to death as a consequence
  • you damage a teammate that gets shot shortly after (a negative assist)

Basicly skill is calculated after each kill or death. After a bad day your skill would be down significantly, while on a good day your skill might go up to the point where you show up in the top list - skill. Common sence is the main thing, if you choose the team that has a hard time winning, you have better chances on improving your skill, because the skilled players are probably in the opposite team, and killing them gives you extra skillpoints! On the other hand, if you are number 1 on the skill ranking, you will not be able to earn extra skillpoints. Simply because there is no one better than you! You will have to defend your position without the possibility to receive extra points Choose your weapon carefully, killing with a thompson or MP-40 (typicall spraying weapons) will make you improve less on skill, while setting guns to semi will give you more skillpoints.


The B3 XLRstats plugin has the ability to define a weapon modifier for each weapon. Based on the policy of the gameserver running the plugin, it multiplies skillimprovement or skilldeduction with a factor configurable in the plugin itself. Printing the different factors is not possible, simply because each serveradmin can set these modifiers in the config. With a default install it would be wise to switch an automatic rifle to semi (usually with the m-key ingame) simply because it would add more to your skill. Also a pistol and bashing an opponent gives better increase of skill.

Public Tabs


New v3. will also bring you pins, stars and trophies for achieving personal milestones for each weapon or weapon class:

  • a pin for every 25 kills
  • a star for every 100 kills
  • a trophy for every 500 kills

The game configuration files group weapons together into classes so that you can also analyze your weapon class behavior.

So if you are not the number one, you still collect your ribbons and pins for your perseverance, your own private collection.





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