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In this wiki we share our knowledge about XLRstats version 3. Both the B3 v3 (dynamic statistics) plugin and the v3 (league edition) web application (webapp/website).

Webapp version 3: The League Edition

Version 3. of the XLRstats webapp for BigBrotherBot is a total rewrite of the program. It is a web application that aims to be a complete player statistics tool written with the gaming communities (clans) in mind.

Using CakePHP as a framework structures development and it aids contributors in the development process. It follows OOP standards and the cakePHP MVC conventions as much as possible. This also allows contributors to release themes and language files but also plugins for the webfront based on the framework standards with extra functionality such as a blog, an administration dashboard, a forum a.s.f.

Users of the previous XLRstats version 2.x will recognize most basic features although they are reorganized/rewritten. A number of new features will also be available, some minor (Personal Awards Logic, Progress Logic) and some major (League Logic, Battlehistory Logic).

As XLRstats v3 webapp is built on top of the CakePHP framework all coding conventions for cakePHP also apply to XLRstats v3 webapp.

Plugin version 3: Dynamic Statistics

With the development of the new version of the webapp we noticed certain flaws in the previous version of the plugin. For instance, players with a high skill rating would sit on their high ranking and not connect anymore to avoid losing points. Also on high traffic objective servers with many loyal, regular players the total pool of skill points would inflate too fast due to a lot of bonuses such as objective bonuses (action bonuses) and kill bonuses.

We had to implement a way to keep the stats within acceptable limits and a positive incentive to stimulate players to connect and defend their ranking status:

This results in a Dynamic Statistics mechanism strongly related to Server Activity.

The skill pool constantly compares itself with a virtual 'acceptable' skill pool and corrects itself accordingly. This prevents abnormal inflation and stimulates play behavior. Not playing will result in a decreasing skill ranking. A more active server will result in higher dynamics.

Other Sources of Information

Playing for stats is a fun addition to the game, if you keep skillfactors under consideration you'll improve not only in our stats, but also when playing on other servers. If you've read between the written lines, you'll know what the gamingcommunity is about. All negative behaviour has negative influence on your skill.